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Maintenance & Fabric Committee

The team maintain and carry out day to day operations at the
Church, 9, Upper Gray Street
Presbytery, 11, Upper Gray Street,
Church Halls, 15, Upper Gray Street

The main functions are
Daily operations; heating timings, cleaning of hall,
Regular Maintenance; Annual inspections, servicing, testing of fire systems and safety features.
Minor Maintenance; small repair works which can be done either by members of the team or a local contractor.
Major Projects; rewiring church and house, dry rot eradication, roof work to name a few, all done in conjunction with the Archdiocese

The Parish Priest sits on the MaFT Committee

Contact Peter Wright 0131-668-4186

Monthly Work Progress Notes:
Notes from meeting held on 3rd October 2018 – PPCMAFT181003
Notes from meeting held on 6th January 2019 – PPCMAFT190116

Major Work Completed 2018:
Specific Major maintenance work 2018 completed as at Dec 31

Major Work Planned for 2019:
As at 2019/01/10 – Specific Major maintenance work 2019 as at 10 Jan (1)
As at 2019/01/16 – Specific Major maintenance work 2019 as at 16 Jan (1)

Planned Annual Regular Maintenance Work for 2019:
As at 2019/01/01 – Planned regular annual maintenance check schedule 2019 at Jan 1

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